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Core Clinical Imbalances: Identify and Correct

What are the Core Clinical Imbalances that can sabotage our health?

Remember I told you that your body is made up of interconnected systems? Well there are 6 major physiologic and biochemical systems in your body. When they function optimally, you hum along like a well-tuned machine. When any one or more of these systems become imbalanced, nothing may happen right away but left undetected and over time, signs & symptoms that we recognize as disease are almost inevitable. These imbalances can be present for years before the actual disease manifests.

But what if we were able to measure and detect PRECURSORS or early signs of disease months and years before the actual disease?  Well the good news is that we can!  Let’s talk about these core imbalances.

  • Hormones and Brain Neurotransmiters
  • Inflammatory Process
  • Digestive, absorptive and microbiological
  • Immune System
  • Detoxification and Biotransformation
  • Oxidation-reduction/ Mitochondrial Function .

Now here’s the important 1st step in getting to the root of the problem:  KNOWING WHAT TO LOOK FOR!

There are many ways to test for these imbalances but the challenge is knowing exactly what to ask your doctor to check and understanding enough to answer his or her question of why do you want them done?  Having trained and practiced in traditional medicine for 20 years, I have had my share of impatience with patients who came in knowledgeable about things I really didn’t know much about. I would try not to be irritated with them and brush them off but those patients who were persistent and clearly had done their homework usually got what they requested.  Now I actively encourage all patients to be an active, participative, informed member of their healthcare team. Come with questions written down and leave with copies of tests and other things that are done to you.  KEEP YOUR OWN HEALTH RECORD!

I utilize blood and saliva testing for the majority of my clients. Your provider may also use urine testing. We’ll talk in detail later about the pros and cons of both of these methods and when they should be used. For most people, your existing healthcare insurance will cover the cost of blood work given the correct ICD-10 codes and other information.  Many of the tests I order on my clients are not routinely done by your primary care provider, so even if you just had lab done, it is only partially helpful to me.

Saliva testing is an out of pocket costs but quite affordable. ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY TO ASSURE THAT YOU ARE NOT LEFT WITH AN INFLATED BILL FOR BLOOD WORK.  I’ll also share with you a way to get complete blood testing done with a large, reputable lab for a fraction of the cost. You do not have to be wealthy or insured to get great wellness care!

Your Health History is extremely important including symptoms, current medical conditions, medications, family history and dietary/exercise regimen.

So, when people come to see me I look at them from a whole body point of view, listening to their symptoms, examining them in the context of their symptoms and family history; measuring important biomarkers with the intent of finding  early signs of imbalance that might predict or be precursors to disease. The beauty of Functional Medicine is that I can intervene at multiple levels to address imbalances and restore functionality. By improving balance in environmental input, lifestyle and physiological processes, HEALTH IS RESTORED!  This would include an individual plan for you with dietary adjustments, nutritional supplementation and if necessary, plant based (bio-identical) hormone treatment!

LIFE CHANGING STUFF HERE!  These simple principles and the courage to take charge of your wellness is transforming and gives great hope. AND IT IS AVAILABLE TO YOU, NOW!





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