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Get Your Groove Back!

Now that I’ve explained what I do and described the Core Clinical Imbalances, let’s talk about my favorite imbalance to identify and support: HORMONES!

Optimizing this area gives the most PROFOUND results in a short period of time,than any other. When  we measure and improve your hormone levels, YOU WILL GET YOUR GROOVE BACK! For some of you that could mean a really great sexual intimacy “groove” with your spouse and for some it is regaining your energy, focus, motivation, contentment “groove”.  Whatever your groove, this is crucial for your vitality and longevity. Oh, and did I mention it is my favorite subject of all!

The very foundation for wellness and age management is a balanced hormone system. When your hormones are balanced, using PLANT BASED, BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES, you are more apt to be physically FIT, feel and look totally FABULOUS and be that FOX you used to be, sizzling hot and attractive to your spouse. But what is this hormone system and what does it consist of? And what are hormones?

Hormone Basics – The Hormone Superhighway

Otherwise known as the ENDOCRINE SYSTEM, your hormone system consists of dozens of glands that secrete 20 or more messenger molecules or proteins called hormones. Hormones are powerful chemical messengers that are created in one part of the body and travel to another part of the body.  The word hormone comes from a Greek word to “urge on”, so hormones carry important messages urging organs and glands to make biochemical adjustments necessary for good health.  Think of the endocrine system and its hormones as the “information superhighway”.

Hormones have a wide range of actions in the human body. Although usually associated with sexual health, their range of importance is much more significant. Your body will not function properly without this constant communication between organs to ensure that homeostasis is maintained, as the body responds to changes in our internal and external environment. The endocrine system controls and coordinates the body’s work and interacts with the nervous system, reproductive system, kidney, gut, liver pancreas and fat. So an intact, balanced hormone system positively effects:

  • Growth and development
  • Reproduction
  • Body energy levels
  • Homeostasis (the balance of internal body systems)
  • Response to stress, injury

When hormones are produced in the endocrine glands, they are carried in the bloodstream to target cells, where they attach in a lock and key fashion to receptors on the surface of the cells. Once the hormone key is engaged in the lock, a cascade of biochemical reactions occur in the target cells that affect the function and activity of that cell. Now that’s the harmony.

Receptor sites function as sensor stations where these chemical messengers have their effect. For those literal thinkers, it’s like “molecular sex”! The ultimate result: information contained within your cells chromosome is expressed as your genetic potential. It’s how you think, how you live and how you move! The epitome of health.

Hormone health is not just for older people; its not just when you are menopausal or men, when your get up and go has gotten up and left! Hormone health is important at ALL ages. Young men and women can suffer from the effects of adrenal fatigue caused by stress; undiagnosed, subclinical thyroid function; decreasing hormone levels related to hormone disruptors in the environment and foods; contraceptive related alterations in the hormones. And many of you are suffering unnecessarily.

Let’s talk; go to WORK WITH ME to start the process of optimizing your health and hormones. Schedule a DISCOVERY CONSULTATION NOW!

It’s a NEW YEAR! Here’s to your EXTRAORDINARY health in 2018!

Rita C. Stanley, M.D.

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