As a young girl, I watched my grandfather and father help sick people regain their health. With this influence, I never considered  anything other than becoming a physician! So I did the hard work and for 20 years practiced traditional Internal Medicine, and did it with great joy! That is until I became the patient with questions that the doctors couldn’t seem to find an answer for.

At the same time many of my own clients were coming in saying “something’s wrong Dr. Stanley, I don’t feel good”. After doing all the tests I was trained to do, everything appeared “normal”. I realized though that something was not right; like me, they knew their own bodies better than the trained professionals without answers. After much prayer and searching, I learned there are imbalances in the human body that are measurable and can cause “dis-ease”. The good news is if identified early enough, these imbalances effecting the hormone system, digestive, immune, detox system and mitochondrial function, can be optimized with live food, supplements, plant-based hormones, adequate sleep and exercise!

For the past 12 years I have had the pleasure of working with clients to discover their core clinical imbalances, equipping and empowering them with practical tools and witnessing transformation in their lives! It is my life passion to help others “get their groove back” and experience “life again….only better!”

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Dr. Rita