Dr. Rita Rodgers-Stanley is a Board Certified Internist, born and raised in the Kansas City area. In the footsteps of her grandfather, Dr. Gordon A. Rodgers and father, Dr. Samuel U. Rodgers, she continues the family legacy of compassionate care to the community.

A graduate of St. Louis University Medical School, Dr. Stanley completed her residency at University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. Her practice experience over the past 32 years has been diverse, including Community Health Center, Correctional Medicine and private practice. She works 3 days of the week in the Midland Care PACE program, caring for frail, elderly in the Topeka, Kansas area.

Dr. Stanley’s private practice in Functional Medicine is focused on disease prevention and wellness. She identifies clinical imbalances that are early signs of future disease, allowing people to make lifestyle changes and avoid diagnosis. She empowers people to live healthy, vigorous lives by following a sound, proven wellness strategy that includes live food nutrition, exercise, and bio-identical hormone balancing. She is the author of “Health, Hormones and Harmony: 7 Steps to Regain Your Health & Vitality”.

“It is never too late to start healthy habits that affect your health and wellness. My approach to even the most difficult health challenges is one of hope and restoration based on faith in the Word of God.” Her passion is teaching people and helping them live in God’s divine health and abundance, realizing their full potential spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Under the leadership of Bishop Steve and Dr. Donna Houpe, she has been active at Harvest Church International Outreach with her husband over the past 28 years. She has served in various areas including the youth ministry, Women’s Net, Harvest Bible Institute, Joseph Business School and Leah’s House for Unwed Mothers. She and Pastor Tony Stanley currently pastor Harvest Church West in Topeka, Kansas, a branch church out of Kansas City.