Food Sensitivities – Do You Have Them?

I must admit…..I am enamored with FOOD!   Not just eating it, but the fact that within all food is the treasure of LIFE and HEALTH! That’s exactly the way God intended it, from the beginning. He decided in all of His Deity and goodness, that he would place in food all the information that […]

Get Your Groove Back!

Now that I’ve explained what I do and described the Core Clinical Imbalances, let’s talk about my favorite imbalance to identify and support: HORMONES! Optimizing this area gives the most PROFOUND results in a short period of time,than any other. When  we measure and improve your hormone levels, YOU WILL GET YOUR GROOVE BACK! For […]

What Do You Do Dr. Stanley?

When I transitioned my practice from traditional primary care Internal Medicine to what it is now, my friends, family and acquaintances kept asking me, “now what do you do?”  I went through a phase of labeling myself as holistic, naturopathic, complementary and still they didn’t understand. Finally as I thought about what I wanted to […]

Core Clinical Imbalances: Identify and Correct

What are the Core Clinical Imbalances that can sabotage our health? Remember I told you that your body is made up of interconnected systems? Well there are 6 major physiologic and biochemical systems in your body. When they function optimally, you hum along like a well-tuned machine. When any one or more of these systems […]