ReVital Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

“Natural” plant based hormones are bio-identical to the hormones that men and women have in their body at a young age.  Natural hormones are converted from wild yams in a laboratory to yield hormone products that look exactly like the hormones a young person has.

Men and women feel better using natural hormones simply because the hormones mimic what the body has seen all through adolescence, child-bearing years and adult life.  It makes sense that the body can better process and metabolize hormones at ratios and structures exactly like the body has seen and processed for years and years.

Natural hormone replacement uses biestrogen or triestrogen; a combination of estrone, estradiol, and estriol, progesterone and testosterone.  This is the same combination that young men and  women produce naturally, at the same basic ratios! Natural hormone replacement aims to supplement the body with the same hormones as it had at a younger age. This is not possible with conventional hormone replacement therapy.

Pellet Implant Therapy are one of the options available for bioidentical hormone replacement.  This involves placing small rice sized pellets containing the hormones, under the skin in the buttock area.  The hormone in the pellets is directly absorbable into the bloodstream, giving you hormones when you need them just as the ovaries (and testes in men) do. The effects of each implantation can last from 4-6 months.

This method was introduced in the US in 1939 by Dr. Robert Goldblatt.  The hormone levels achieved are constant, steady and predictable.  No other form of hormone delivery can produce a consistent blood level of estradiol and testosterone.

.Dr. Stanley works with reputable compounding pharmacies and will determine the appropriate starting doses for you, as well as explaining the best delivery option (capsules, cream, gel, pellets, troches, drops).

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