“I am so grateful I found Dr. Rita! Her attention to detail in every aspect of health, (body, soul and spirit) has been a godsend! She is very thorough, and keeps abreast of the newest tests and treatments regarding health, including nutritional, supplemental, and others. She recommends books and other supporting resources, but also shares her own experiences. I feel that I am much healthier at this age than I would have been, had I not become a patient of Dr. Rita Stanley.”

C. Samples

“Thank you Dr. Stanley for literally saving my life and restoring it as I  once knew it to be. I feel sexy again, my mind is sharper, my memory intact, my husband told me he thanked you personally. I have not had a hot flash, night sweat, mood swing within the first 2 weeks of my first pellet injection. I am forever indebted to you for your holistic approach to medical care. You are not just interested in treating my symptoms but,  closely monitoring labs results to determine cause of the  disease process.”

C. Brown